Protect your kid from consumerism by letting him start his own business

Meet Nathan.

He's 11 years old.

His family comes to our church.

He has two sisters and three brothers.

He loves farm animals and tractors (he's saving money to buy his own tractor soon).

He's shy and quiet.

And a couple of months ago he started his own business.

Nathan Potts.jpg

NDP — Nathan's Delicious Products.

He makes chocolate lollipops, PB eggs, chocolate covered pretzels, and other yummy goodies!

And delicious they are!

He is one of the 29 students who went through The Great Money Adventure course I taught in my church back in February-March.

And today he's running a profitable business.

Here's what his mom (Amy) just told me.

Nathan 1.png

Needless to say, I was beside myself with happiness.

Nathan 2.png

So this kid is selling chocolate, making money, and buying what..?



So he can bless families in Africa.

A gift of goats means a family can have milk, which they can both consume and sell to earn money for other necessities.

And that's what it's all about—giving my kids a Bible-based view of money and a step-by-step plan for starting and running their own businesses. 

This way, they can create value and touch the world with God's extravagant love.

By the way, Nathan is not an exception. Other kids who went through the program are now making furniture, jewelry, candles, soaps, cupcakes, bath bombs and cookies. Some are writing books, others are mowing lawns, walking dogs, and importing goods from other countries. 

But they all are making money and using it to make a difference in their world. 

Doesn't it make you wonder what the children in your church could do with the time and talents they've been given?

If only someone would believe in them and show them the way.

If only someone would break the silence, and teach them how money could be a powerful tool for serving people and changing the world.

That someone could be you! 

Why not download The Great Money Adventure, put it in the hands of your children and see what will happen?

This shy 11-year-old kid from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania is impacting lives in Africa. Just imagine how many lives your children could change?

After all, there are water wells to be dug, Bibles to be translated, shelters to be built, and your kids could do all that and more! 

Don't let them waste this summer!

Give them a chance to experience the joy of creating something with their own hands, and offering it to others as a gift of love.

Here’s what I told Amy and that’s why I strongly believe that children need to start their own businesses.

Nathan 3.png

Let me finish with one final quote from my chat with Amy. Take note of what touched her heart the most.

Nathan 4.png

If you’re ready to take the children in your family or your church on the Great Money Adventure (the same learning experience that Nathan had), click on the image below and get started!

Dema Kohen

Founder of WeAreKidMIN. Having spent 25+ years in children's ministry, Dema is an expert in making children laugh, creating engaging content and sounding just like Gru (putting that Ukrainian accent to good use).