Watering your volunteer garden


Volunteers are like flowers.

In order for them to bloom, they need a mission that matters and connections that refresh.

I'm going to share two simple ways that you can water your volunteer garden with encouragement and warm-hearted connections.

Most volunteers love what they're doing, but from time to time everyone experiences the nagging thought, "Does what I'm doing really matter?"

Protect your volunteer garden from the weeds of discouragement by regularly watering your faithful servants with stories that inspire, and reminding them that their work truly matters.

Where do you get these stories?

Well, if you're like me, leading children's or family ministry, you'll get them from the parents.

You can start with a simple email to the parents in your church. Here's what mine looked like:

Hey LEFC parents!

Can I take a moment and brag on the awesome shepherds who are serving your children?

Each and every one of them genuinely cares for your children. These men and women find immense joy in being around them, and helping them grow in their faith and understanding of who Jesus is.

They don't hold anything back, and do their best to make coming to church on Sunday a highlight of the week for each and every child.

Now, would you like to know a little secret?

As children’s workers, they rarely see the impact of their investment. They serve in faith and out of obedience to God’s calling. But it's often hard to know if what you do on Sunday morning really matters.

Yet as parents, you have a front row seat and you can tell better than anyone what role KidMin plays in your child’s life.

If you have a story of how God has worked in or through your child, even if it’s something small, I would love to hear it and pass it on to our amazing volunteers.

Your stories will fuel their passion, renew their vision, and give them strength for the journey ahead. So please, don't hold back. Let us know what God is doing in your children's lives so we can rejoice with you and continue to stay encouraged.

That's it!

Press "send" and watch what happens.

You might not get a lot of responses, but the ones you get will become a life-giving rain to nourish the souls in your volunteer garden. 


As a rule, children see KidMin volunteers only twice a month or just once a week (a dream come true, right?). Clearly, it's not enough time for developing deep and meaningful connections. Many times, children don't even know the names of their class leaders because they see them so rarely or the leaders change so often.

One way to bridge the gap and make volunteers more "accessible" and "real" is through Superhero Cards.

Here's how we did it in our church.

For every age group we created a Superhero Envelope that looks like this:

This is the front side of the 9” x 6” envelope. We print ours through www.vistaprint.com

This is the front side of the 9” x 6” envelope. We print ours through www.vistaprint.com

This is the back side of the 9” x 6” envelope. We print ours through www.vistaprint.com

This is the back side of the 9” x 6” envelope. We print ours through www.vistaprint.com

Inside these envelopes is an introductory card that gives a quick overview of what our children's ministry is all about.

But the real treasure inside these envelopes are Superhero cards like this:

Superhero Card - Example.png

There is a separate card for each class leader.

Here are some "wonders" that these cards accomplish:

  • They give parents and students "windows" into our volunteers, making them more real, relatable, and approachable. 

  • They give students connection points to the volunteers. They make it a lot easier for them to ask questions, and to strike up conversations. "What is your favorite NHL team?" "What company do you deliver pizza for?" "My dad is a police officer, did you know that?" etc. 

  • We encourage the families in our church to put these cards on their fridge as a reminder to pray for their children's spiritual leaders, and also to remember (and spoil) them on their birthday.

Simple tool, yet it has potential to help a cold classroom become a circle of friends.

If you like these Superhero Envelopes and Cards, you can totally make them your own.

Grab your 100% customizable files HERE and give your volunteers the superhero treatment they deserve.

May our gracious Father supply all your volunteer needs according to His immeasurable riches.

And may He give you creative wisdom to keep your volunteer garden well-watered and blossoming.

Need more Superhero Awesomeness? Check out this Superhero Bundle.

Here’s just one example of what you’ll find there:


Dema Kohen

Founder of WeAreKidMIN. Having spent 25+ years in children's ministry, Dema is an expert in making children laugh, creating engaging content and sounding just like Gru (putting that Ukrainian accent to good use).