Five Keys to Setting Children Free from Fear


All children are familiar with fear.

... Fear of failure

... Fear of the unknown

… Fear of the dark

... Fear of risk

... Fear of not being good enough

The list could go on and on, and on.

Fear blocks their view of God’s greatness, and draws all their attention toward the challenge they are facing.

Fear robs them of joy and peace making them feel utterly powerless.

One of the most important things you can do?

Teach children how to be brave.

We've created the 5-week Fear Busters series in response to many parents in our church telling us about anxiety and fears controlling their children's thoughts and emotions.

Each lesson includes a short Bible video and is supported by engaging, hands-on activities that give children practical tools to stomp out their fears.

We've tested this series on our kids, and have seen great things come out of it.

... Honest conversations

... Heartfelt prayers

... Confident lives

... Life-giving accountability

This series could be a great follow-up to the Easter lesson. It's also perfect as a special summer series.

You know the old adage about giving our children roots and wings?

That's the whole focus of the Fear Busters series.

Unconditional love is the roots.

Courage is the wings.

Children who have both live bigger lives.

Check out the series description for the five powerful keys to help you train children who don't live in fear.


KEY #1: Fear ends where faith begins. 
// David and Goliath

KEY #2: Be brave. Take risks. Trust God.
// Esther 

KEY #3: When the waves come, keep your eyes on Jesus.
// Peter Walks on the Water

KEY #4: Even when we fail Him, God still loves us.
// Peter Denies Jesus

KEY #5: The Holy Spirit gives us boldness.
// Peter Defends Jesus

Each lesson includes:

  • High quality Bible video

  • Motivational poster

  • Hands-on, interactive activities (enough to fill 2 hours)

  • Music videos to support the series

Money ... the dreaded topic we like to avoid

Money ... the dreaded topic we like to avoid

Most parents and churches dread to talk to kids about … money. But our silence will cost us in the long run. Whether they like it or not, our children will have a life-long relationship with money. If we don't train them to love God, to work hard, to make money, to master money, and to use money for the glory of God and the good of people, we'll have a generation of Christians drowning in debt and consumerism, unable to make any profound difference in their world.



There is something about church that seems to invite misbehavior and a lot of "joyful noise" from the little bundles of rocket-powered energy (aka kids). However, the momentary disruption children cause is, in the grand scheme of life, not a big deal. They may be distracting at times, but they’re our next generation of believers, so let's give them room to grow into that role. It’s more important for kids to see their parents involved in spiritual things – kids learn a lot through observation – than for us to have a noise-free, distraction-free, child-free church experience. 



Your students won’t ever tell you this, but like all human beings, they long to be known. They desperately want to feel that they and their life stories matter. That’s why it’s so important that you take every chance you get to enter into their world and explore it as if it were a treasure island.

Here are 12 small actions you can take to make sure that no child feels invisible and insignificant while they’re in your care.