our mission




We know that working with children can sometimes become tiring. All of us have been tempted at times to give up or to simply not give it our all. WeareKidMIN is committed to giving you the motivation you need to keep leaning into your calling! We love CHALLENGES and you will see them promoted regularly, giving you the tools for accountability, fun and engagement with others that are walking the same road you are.



Have you ever wondered what is happening behind the walls of other churchs? What is working? What are they struggling with? Why are their kids thriving? Why are they not? Our mission is to break down the metaphorical walls between us and take a look into what is working and what is really going on in the churchs all around you. 





Are you new to ministering to kids? Have you been doing it for years without the results you long to see? Are volunteers hard to recruit? Are fresh ideas hard to find? Discipling children is a multi-faceted calling. Our mission is to equip you with fresh ideas and time-enduring principles that will take your children's ministry to a new level.



Sometimes we just need some fresh ideas. hit the wall. grown stale. tired. need a new angle. Want to feel excited again, a breath of fresh air. Reclaim the excitement of our early days in ministry where we dreamed big and made new things happen. Somewhere along the line, things started to feel stale or you keep reaching for new ideas but end up with the same tired strategies.