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Thanks for swinging by my speaking page. Here, you’ll learn more about me, the topics I am passionate about, and what you can expect if you book me.

We live in a truly amazing era where knowledge is plentiful. It seems that the answers to all of our questions and the solutions to all our predicaments are simply a few clicks away from us. However,

Information is not enough!

Sometimes we need a voice, a guide, a friend to offer us the courage and clarity we need for the next step in our journey.

As a speaker, I aim to be a voice that tells inspiring stories, asks soul-searching questions, ignites passion, provides clarity and sparks excitement about reaching the next generation with the love of Jesus.


A little more about me


As a child of divorce and as a former senior pastor and counselor, I am intimately acquainted with the devastation and dysfunction that comes into people’s lives as a result of something painful that happened to them in childhood.

So many of us grow up and remain blinded by lies, crippled by fear, bound by shame and doomed to a safe existence.

I am keenly aware that there is a very real, fierce battle going on for the hearts and minds of our children.The enemy is using every trick imaginable to make sure that from a very early age people are derailed from their destiny and calling.

That is why I am passionate about training parents, church volunteers and leaders to see the battle raging for the hearts of our sons and daughters and then step into the battlefield to fight for them.


What you can expect


1               Prompt response to your phone calls or email messages.

2               Personal consultation before the event to ensure I fully understand your vision.

3               Promotion of your event on my blog and Facebook page.

4               Top-notch presentation that engages the mind and moves the heart.

5               A resource package specifically designed for your attendees. 



popular speaking topics


Please note, I can present each of these topics in the following formats:

  •   45-60 minute presentation

  •    3-5 hour workshop


 crafting an effective Children’s Ministry

  • Letting God’s vision for children’s ministry define our budget, schedule and methods
  • Designing structures and systems that save money, time and stress
  • Building a thriving team of committed volunteers
  • Fostering a close connection between church and home
  • Empowering, equipping and challenging parents to disciple their children
  • Practical ways of not only filling children’s heads but also changing their hearts


The Power of the Parental Blessing

The blessing is one of the most powerful tools God has given to parents to shape their children and prepare them for their destiny, yet so many parents are unaware of it. Simply put, the blessing is the unconditional acceptance of your children and continual reinforcement of their worth EXPRESSED through your words.

This training will help parents discover the amazing power of the spoken blessing and give them a step-by-step strategy to ensure that their children never lack one.



Faith Experiments

A hands-on training that equips teachers and parents to craft holy moments where kids not only learn about Jesus but most importantly, experience His power and presence in the areas where they need it the most. It’s easy to forget facts and stories, but experiences stick with us for a life-time and continue to shape us.

This training provides all the knowledge and skills necessary to make sure that Jesus comes off the pages of the Bible right into where the child is. (For better understanding of this topic read this blog post.)



If you choose me as your speaker, I will give you 100% of my effort and do everything I can to make sure your event accomplishes the goals you set for it.